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 Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951

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PostSubject: Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951   Tue 18 Dec 2007, 11:27 am

I have just noticed in the recent issue of ASSAP News that the Prime Ministers office has announced it's intention to repeal the Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951. It replaced the Witchcraft Act of 1735, and from 1980 to 1995 there have only been about half a dozen prosecutions and convictions.

The Act currently makes it illegal for a person who “with intent to deceive, purports to act as a spiritualistic medium or to exercise any powers of telepathy, clairvoyance or other similar powers”.

The article says that as from April 2008 so called "mediums will be prohibited from using practices that can mislead the public and influence their decision making."

This actually sounds more like anmendment to the Act to me, rather than a repeal, but either way the results could be interesting.
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Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951
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