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 Belgrave Hall, Leicester.

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Stephen Evans

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PostSubject: Belgrave Hall, Leicester.   Sat 22 Dec 2007, 6:49 am

In February 1999 the Daily Telegraph ran quite a large article on a ghostly image that was caught on the Belgrave Hall's security camera. The incident was caught at 4.48 23rd December 1999. Does anyone out here know of this incident and any ideas as to what was concluded ? affraid
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PostSubject: Re: Belgrave Hall, Leicester.   Sat 22 Dec 2007, 1:40 pm

The whole episode is regarded (as always) as inconclusive: no new detail has surfaced and no traces of fraud have been discovered.
Of course the Belgrave Hall staff is delighted to have yet more evidence to show that their claims are real...
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PostSubject: Re: Belgrave Hall, Leicester.   Sun 23 Dec 2007, 12:30 pm

This article shows the images caught on camera and some ideas of who they might be. As Mauro says, I think it is still inconclusive.

My first proper investigation of a haunting was with Peter Hough (Jenny Randles writing partner) and it was concerning a ghostly image caught on a security camera in a Nightclub in Oldham. This would be about 16 years ago now. The image clearly showed a man in what appeared to be a grandad shirt (collarless) and jeans walking down a corridor and through a door. Conveniently the tape was not available, apparently ITV or the BBC had ruined it whilst trying to format it for broadcast, so we never saw the film itself, just some captured stills. Soon afterwards the figure was linked to someone who was electricuted outside the building in the early-mid 1900s and we interviewed his son.
The videos were supposed to be use and therefore it could not have been an image that bled through from the last time it was used. The whole case was inconclusive.
However one of the doormen also happened to work for my dad in our family business and he finnally admitted to me it was a hoax and done to get some cheap publicity. The image was a bleed over on an unwiped tape and showed someone in jeans and T-shirt.

If ghosts can be caught on security cameras, in this day and age of almost everywhere being covered by CCTV, shouldn't we be getting a lot more of these images? This experience has always left me dubious of CCTV footage, probably unfairly so
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PostSubject: Re: Belgrave Hall, Leicester.   

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Belgrave Hall, Leicester.
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