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PostSubject: chakras   Tue 15 Jan 2008, 3:13 am

human body has many energy points,i think there is over 300 points in all..but we only refer to the main 7.

these 7 energy points are align down our body and it is these we refer to as "our chakras"

if you can imagine yourself standing up straight,your 7 chakras run from the top of your head down to the base of your spine

they normally name the lowest chakra the first one..and work upwards...this can be essential to people using chakras to open and close spiritully..

so i will try and explain as simply as possible what these chakras are and what they can represent.

the 1st chakra...bottom of the commonly known the BASE/ROOT chakra..
this chakra channels energy to the physical body,is therefor the life force,very much concerned with survival,instinct,and self preservation

the 2nd chakra.. commonly known as the SPLEEN/NAVAL chakra..
this chakra is involved with pleasure,sexuality,procreation,and creativity,physical energy and vitality

the 3rd chakra..heres a bit of sunday lerning for you all,lol it is situated between the 12th,thoratic vertebre,and the 1st lumbar veterbre,or above the naval below the chest..and is commonly known as the SOLAR PLEXUS.
is concerned with will and power,energises the sympathtic nervous systems.asists in the progression of digestion and is this chakra you will here of psychically using their solar plexus in communications or in the pressence of spirit..

the 4th chakra..commonly known as the hart chakra..and obviously located mid chest..its function is to energise the blod and physical body,involved in circulation of blod,secures the life force from the higher self

the 5th chakra..known as the throat chakra,it is connected to creativity,vibration,sound and speach

the 6th chakra..situated on the forehead,and commonly known as the BROW/THIRD EYE
its function is direct perception,energises the lower brain,central nervous system and is with this chakra that psychic vision is possible

the 7th chakra..located on the top of your head..commonly known as the CROWN chakra
it is believed that this chakra is never closed entirely,its function is for union also energises the upper brain..this chakra is very powerfull in energy..

i could hum and har about these,but i have given you the simplest way to allow you a little knwledge on how many main chakras you have...where they are situated,and physically what there involvment is....

there are loads of other thins to take into account with chakras too,i will post a little later as if you have some malfunction with each of them,they can cause health problems (quite interesting to know)
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