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 Time slips

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PostSubject: Time slips   Time slips Icon_minipostedSun 20 Jan 2008, 8:42 am

i am reading a book at the moment,and something caught my attention,i t was in relation to time slips and guardian angels

the book covers real experiences,and here is a brief on one womans encounter.

3 woman were trvelling in a car,at some point they were seconds from a hight speed head on collision.

the driver and the passenger (her mother) who sat behind her knew what was goping to happen and shouted out.

all of a sudden the woman in the car had somehow managed to have clared the car,and had changed lanes without the effort of the driver,who only applied the brakes...

it then seems that the passenger in the front had not seen what had happened and didnt know what the fuss was about,the driver claims that her friend in the front was slumped in her seat the whole time they were in danger,of which she denies.

Nobody in the car can understand what really happened,but one thing they do know,is that had her friend in the front had witnessed what was going on..she wld have grabbed the steering wheel

were guardian angels watching these three this day,did they protect her friend by bypassing her knowledge on the incident taking place,and did they use a time slip to fullfill the safety of them all.
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Time slips
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