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 Top secret files to be released

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PostSubject: Top secret files to be released   Sun 17 Feb 2008, 6:06 am

on top of the release of files last year - some dealing with the Rendlesham Forest UFO crash - further files are to be declassified and released in March. The last batch were interesting as it gave an insight into how many UFO sightings the Airforce have recieved, but lacked in detail, and certainly gave no indication of investigation into any of the sightings - The rendlesham forest file consisting of copies of letters and requests but no expanding on the contents of the memo by Colonel Halt on his investigation into the sightings. I did actually look to see if any of the letters I had sent about this case were on file! I guess I missed the boat on the case closed date....But I must admit to forgetting that it is always useful to write to official sources, as with any large organisation someone can slip up and release a document that provides a little more detail. I think the next batch of releases will feature the report on the Cumberland Spaceman sighting, which featured Men in Black meeting the witness after the event.
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Top secret files to be released
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