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 Dream Decoding

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PostSubject: Dream Decoding   Dream Decoding Icon_minipostedTue 26 Feb 2008, 5:05 am

I had a really strange dream the other night -I was looking after a couple of small crocodiles and they escaped in the house and we were chasing them around trying to catch them without getting bitten. Bizarrely on the same night my husband dreamed about looking after a couple of his friends german shepherd dogs who are trained to do security work and he had lost them... affraid

I know there are dream decoding books out there but wondered if there was any logical explanation for why me and my hubby had essentially very similar dreams on the same night, what it might mean and how people come to the conclusion that specific dreams mean specific things?
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PostSubject: Re: Dream Decoding   Dream Decoding Icon_minipostedTue 26 Feb 2008, 3:26 pm

I really don't know much about dreams Mogg-y and I rarely remember them, but I had one two nights ago that has stuck with me.

The clouds were made up of butchers chopping blocks, all floating about nicely. On each wooden block sat a persn cross legged, just enjoying the ride, floating along, oblivious to veryone else. Then a ninja in black garb coul dbe seen jumping from block to block. He arrived on one and crept up behind the person. The person turned and it was....Tony Hadley Shocked . Tony sayw the ninja fpr what he really was...a blade from a wood working plane (bit wierd I know). The block then fell from the sky, leaving Tony and the Ninja/metal blade to surf it down to earth and the green fields below. They crashed pale . Then I woke up.

I think I know why I try to forget my dreams...too wierd.
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Dream Decoding
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