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 Them little voices

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PostSubject: Them little voices   Mon 07 Apr 2008, 2:07 pm

Now, i'm not sure if this is in the right place as it covers a few different things, may even involve NDE's depending....

Read the following like you are a 1940's pathe news reader Smile

On friday late afternoon/early evening on the way home from work i stopped at my local beverage dispensery for my evenings happyness tonic, I purchased aforementioned cans of tonic and proceded to mount my trusty steed (an extreamly spiffing Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog). As the engine growled into life i decided that as its such a fine day (at least it was here anyway) i would take the Bulldog the more scenic/twisty route to my abode (the little fellow so loves his slightly longer walks). For some reason a little voice whispered to me "go straight home", to this i replied "not on your nelly guvnor, its a lovely day for a bimblett" so off i trundled taking in the nice scenery and twisty roads that lead towards my fine house. After a shortwhile i found myself on the descending road that leads to my rustic village, and as if someone had said Abracadabra a large white van apported into the road infront of me with no warning whatsoever! I tried in vain to outmanouver said vehicle but to no avail... The blighter stuck me in the left hand side forcing myself and my trusty steed to the ground in a large oily heap. I found myself coveyed to the the nearest hospital in a rather colourful charabang and the now dead motorbicycle was retrived from its resting place by a few of my good chums.

Here ends the news.

So thats a lighthearted way of saying i was knocked of my bike. But what i cant get out of my head was the little voice that told me to go straight home after visiting the shop.

I phoned my mum the day after to tell her what had happened and she replied with "for the last few days i've been really worried that something was going to happen to you on your bike."
And speaking to the wife she said she'd been expecting it, as the other week i had two "moments" as we call them in the biking world, and she had been expecting the third one. I her words "bad things come in threes".

As i am beaten, bruised and slightly broken but not as badly injured as i could have been, a thing came to mind that my mum said to me nearly 20 years ago when i had a similar accident and walked away with minor injuries. She said i must have a guardian angel looking out for me.
As i've mentioned before on this very forum i'm a pagan, so the angel bit doesnt work for me.

But maybe a guardian ancestor, or i am favoured by the gods destined to to great things (probably not) ??

So then people, what are your thoughts on.

Little voices ?
Bad things in threes ?
Premonition (affecting a loved one) ?
Guardian Angels/ancestors ?

errrr.... the NDE reference at the top....well... you can just ignore that bit as i didnt see myself flying down the road or my life flashing before my eyes, in all honesty it happened way too quick. More of a "Ohhhh me an ambulance you white van driving ****"

Look forward to your replies.


p.s. Ian, we are still coming to see you and Ali. So you've not got away with it just because i cant walk properly Smile

p.p.s sorry for any spelling mistakes, i'm on liquid painkiller/happyness tonic at the moment drunken
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PostSubject: Re: Them little voices   Wed 09 Apr 2008, 1:45 am


There is probably a moral in that story - it could be: listen to the little voice sometimes.

I am sure that some white vans are put on the roads by a secret government body to cause chaos.

Hope all is well, not too much broken?

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PostSubject: Re: Them little voices   Wed 09 Apr 2008, 6:08 am

I see what you mean you said you wouldn't be able to come caving Very Happy

"Sometimes I just sit and think, and sometimes I just sit".
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PostSubject: Re: Them little voices   Wed 09 Apr 2008, 7:28 am

I believe the little voices. "Call Mum" and sure enough, her best friend has died suddenly. "Don't throw out that list" and a few minutes later find out that it's essential.

I've never been told to go straight home, but if ever I am, I will! Hope you are better soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Them little voices   Thu 28 Aug 2008, 3:43 pm

I was wondering - do children get those little voices more often - I know I had many a conversation before sleep with a little voice, maybe a conscience. But do we lose that ability as we grow up? I know that psychic ability is suposed to be linked to children but modern times don't allow for hearing voices without a trip to the docs for some treatment rather than writing down what those voices say.

The odd voice in the head can sometimes prove useful but it might just be internal.
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PostSubject: Re: Them little voices   Sat 30 Aug 2008, 10:24 pm

LeeWat, I'm glad you're ok! It's funny that your wife and your Mum have 'seen this coming' in a way, but I think that because in general bikers live more dangerously than drivers of cars we tend to worry more about bikers. I certainly worry about my brother when he's out on his bike and so does my Mum so if he fell off his bike (fingers crossed this won't happen!) we'd most definitely come out with the old 'I knew something like this would happen'.

As for yourself and your 'little voice', I would just call it intuition. We've all got it but most have lost touch with it over the years and don't normally listen to it, you obviously didn't. Wink I'm a Pagan too so like you I don't believe in the concept of guardian angels, but I'd like to think that we all do have someone by our side in one way or another in times of need. It may be an ancestor, deity, nature spirit... I've no idea really. My best guess is that your own intuition worked but you ignored it, and whoever looks after you did their job quite well, though not without teaching you a wee lesson. I don't know if you meditate or do rituals, but if you do and you're serious about finding out about the spiritual side of your accident, maybe you could ask to be shown.

Inghinn flower
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PostSubject: Re: Them little voices   

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Them little voices
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