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 could someone tell me what happened to my cats? :(

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could someone tell me what happened to my cats? :( Empty
PostSubject: could someone tell me what happened to my cats? :(   could someone tell me what happened to my cats? :( Icon_minipostedMon 02 Mar 2009, 1:19 am

hi everyone, thanks for reading this could someone tell me what happened to my cats? :( 001 Im sorry if Ill seem nave/stupid/whatever in my post but I feel I have to try everything...

ok, so the thing is, Im a great cat lover. I live in Chengdu, China currently and their fate in this country- along other animals- bothers me to extreme degree. - like eating them in Guandong province, cat massacre prior to the Olympics in Beijing, cats being stolen and used for fur...

i had two lovely cats i loved more than anything...till about...two weeks ago roughly...
one day we -me and my husband- came home from some shopping in the centre...the window of our kitchen was open, and cats were not there. our windows are of this kind that move a rail, so it's pretty easy to open them...just move along the rail. and that is what our clever cats must have done...or mabe it was one of us who didnt close it never happened before...i suppose they jumped out wanting to hunt a bird in the trees outside; they freuently used to watch them like hypnotised.
we went out to look for them; it ws fruitless. having asked a great bunch of people, we managed to sort out the facts: they jumped out, some local feral cats fought with them and frightened away -as is normal behaviour in felines, they were intruders- they run some distance until the bridge. then one farmer saw a woman taking two cats to her car. the woman was chinese of course, nicely dressed with nice clean car he said... -well, the man relating this was a poor farmer so i assume just about any car would look nice to him...

the obvious point is, i desperately want my cats back. i have no idea how to find this woman...don't know what to do. i have no idea who she was, i have visions of my lovely cats being kept in inhuman conditions and used for meat or fur, or some experiments. my husband says there is little we can do (hes a native), if i say let's put advertisement in the newspaper he says little women read newspapers, and no one will put an advertisement on tv...besides, i don't think we'd even have money for that. so we just put a few "missing" posters round, though probably everyone in the local area knows now about it due to the rant i've made...Wink

i m getting out of my wits presently. can't stop blaming myself for what happened...and am really clueless as to what i could do now. cant agree with the prospect of never seeing them againthey were like my children.

And soI thought maybe someone here could help me I think some of you may have some extraordinary abilities and maybe could tell me what is happening with them now, are they still alive, where are they better yet, provide me with an exact address so that I can go there and get them back, could someone tell me what happened to my cats? :( 002 I have proofs in photos of them so theyd have to give me them back, if its some people who adopted them

Here are links to their photosI think youd need them?



and me, not sure if needed? well just in case...

Ill leave my email too:

Thank you for any helpeverything best to all of you...
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could someone tell me what happened to my cats? :(
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